is to find someone to ChuiNiuHua strong blow it, at the beginning they travel in the 4444 way big published up. My day, the world such as walking people have two of them, I just make yourself pushing a car patient listen, unconsciously be heard to half an hour, up to now 4444 I didn't recognize what he said, also don't know what his response, he let me remember his name, jade, half cantonese, as to why is half, I have no interest in knowing, has been seriously look at his table, the in the mind chatter and waste for ten minutes. He said that he would hike is forgotten guest, is now waiting to have to take them on the way of car?? It is a contradiction. Another said a long time did not meet can chat traveler, incredibly still a man ride a bike, incredibly still beauty! He also said I how can so white and doubt if I really in cycling.
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